- Initial release

- Added money options
- Added bodyguard options
- Added weapon options
- Added world options
- Added time options
- Added weather options
- Added traffic options
- Added pedestrian options
- Added IPL options
- Added mobile radio, super run, explosive melee, and noclip to player options
- Added random components, pogo, pig, chop, and mountain lion to model changer
- Added super speed, invisibility, and mod shop to vehicle options
- Added Vacca, Zentorno, Dump Truck, Duke of Death, and Liberator to vehicle spawner
- Added all weapons to give weapons
- Added various error messages
- Tweaked rainbow vehicle to switch colors more smoothly
- Tweaked vehicle spawner submenu to use localized vehicle names
- Tweaked vehicle spawner to retain speed of previous vehicle
- Tweaked vehicle godmode to automatically fix vehicle
- Tweaked waypoint teleport to teleport underground less often
- Tweaked menu design
- Fixed unlimited ammo turning off when changing models